Techno-Advocacy by Cambridge Algorithmica

Techno-Advocacy by Cambridge Algorithmica

This page gives information on aspects of Cambridge Algorithmica's work that are outside its normal commercial activities.  These issues usually have political or societal aspects that are strongly related to a technology with which the company is involved.

Because of the origin of such issues,  the views expressed here are likely to be critical, at least in part, of some organisation:   more often than not, this will be the UK or some other government (or a government agency).

It is hoped that Cambridge Algorithmica's contribution here is (if critical) definitely constructive, and is also illuminating on the technical aspects of the issue.  Corrections and other comments are welcome;  please see our contact details.

Click on this crosslink for some of Cambridge Algorithmica's publications on Techno-Advocacy;  this includes comment on biometrics and other aspects for the UK Government's proposed National Identity Scheme.

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