Contract R&D from Cambridge Algorithmica

Contract R&D from Cambridge Algorithmica

A general and expert Research and Development service is offered in Pattern Matching and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).  The Company has particular and extensive experience in the following:

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
Speaker Verification (SV) and Speaker Identification (SID)
Modems, including Protocols
Novel Applications of Pattern Matching and DSP

A wide range of work is undertaken, including:

Requirements Analysis
Systems Analysis and Design
Software Implementation
Algorithm Design
Performance Evaluation
Tuning and Enhancement

The Company's general approach is to obtain a good understanding of the issues impacting on the topic under investigation.  This covers the operational as well as the technological: what is the underlying purpose of the system to be developed, or researched?  Underlying skills in physics and computer science are brought to bear, underpinning the application of sound systems engineering principles.  With experience going back over 35 years, it is second nature to consider computational practicality, together with those doubtless good reasons why the solution is not already well-known.

Cambridge Algorithmica's service can be provided independently, using its in-house facilities, or on-site as part of a client team.  Contact details are available at this link.

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