Consultancy from Cambridge Algorithmica

Consultancy from Cambridge Algorithmica

The Company offers an expert service of technical consultancy and associated techno-business consultancy in its particular fields of Pattern Matching and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and their application to both new and familiar fields.

The theme is to provide business benefit through technology, by adequate analysis of both market needs and technology, logical deduction, bounding of associated management of risks, and common sense.

We can help with these things:

Evaluation of competing technological solutions to meet a known requirement.
What applications are there, new and old, for a particular technology?
Whether recent improvements in computer technology make an application viable?
Why a particular technology is not (yet) flying?

We can give a personal view, second opinion, or act as an informed sounding board, on these things:

The impact of a particular technology on your business.
Why, and why not, should you be into a particular technology?
Who, in your customer base, might benefit most from a particular technology?
How best to get started in a particular technology?

For an informal discussion, please phone Nigel Sedgwick.

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