Modems and protocols at Cambridge Algorithmica

Modems and Protocols

Cambridge Algorithmica has worked extensively on Communications Modems and Protocols, including:

HF Radio Communications
Telephone Baeeband Communications
Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
Automatic Link Maintenance (ALM)
Fax and other telephone Baseband Protocols
Signal Detection
Soft Decision Decoding (SDD)
Diversity Demodulation

Projects have included:

A complete fax implementation, including modems as well as protocol handlers.  This was to implement all functions (including demodulation) on the main processor of a portable computer, to reduce manufacturing costs.

The Company has also been involved in the specification and design of large-scale communications systems, the automatic statistical analysis of communications signals, troubleshooting of demodulation problems, and prediction of technology developments in radio communications.

The Company's work on modelling of Probability Density Functions (PDFs) is also relevant to soft decision demodulation and especially to demodulation in diversity.  This work is covered under biometrics (particularly multi-biometric fusion).  Click on this crosslink for some of Cambridge Algorithmica's publications on biometrics.

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