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Research on Biometrics

Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Biometrics at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory.  The home of iris recognition by John Daugman.
USA National Biometric Test Center Biometrics at San Jose State University, California;  home of Jim Wayman.  Useful general information on biometrics, as well as research detail.

Software for Speech Technology R&D

SFS:  Speech Filing System Display and processing software for speech researchers.  from University College London (UCL).
HTK:  HMM Tool-Kit Automatic Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), from Cambridge University. 

Research on Computer Speech Technology

UCL Dept of Phonetics and Linguistics Speech research at University College London.  Home of Mark Huckvale, architect of SFS, whose personal webpages are more up-to-date on speech research publications.
CUED Machine Intelligence Laboratory Speech research, and more, at the Cambridge University Engineering Department.  Home of Steve Young and Phil Woodland, and of HTK.
Speech & Audio Processing at IC Speech R&D in Imperial College's Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department.  Home of Mike Brookes. 
UEA Speech Group Speech research at the University of East Anglia.  Home of Steve Cox. 
Centre for Speech Technology Research CSTR:  Edinburgh University's speech research laboratory.
Multi-Modal Interaction Laboratory MMIL:  speech research, and more, at Birmingham University.  Home of Martin Russell.
Speech and Hearing Research Group SPandH:  speech research at Sheffield University's Department of Computer Science.  Home of Roger Moore and Phil Green.

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