Cambridge Algorithmica has had a serious involvement in development of biometrics over many years. This includes:

R&D into multi-modal and other multi-biometric fusion, over several years;

Participation in the Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE), organised by the USA National Institution for Science and Technology (NIST).

The Company's founder, Nigel Sedgwick, has served as a technical expert for the British Standards Institute (BSI) Technical Committee IST/44 Biometric Standards, from 2003 to 2005.  This work included representing the UK on biometrics standardisation internationally at ISO/IEC SC/37 meetings.

A major piece of earlier work was on Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV).  This was done for Rolls Royce PLC, using their very interesting technique of sensing the signature using acoustic emission.

The Company has also worked on Speaker Verification (SV) and Speaker Identification (SID), for both industry and government.

Click on this crosslink for some of Cambridge Algorithmica's publications on biometrics.  See Techno-Advocacy for comment on biometrics for the UK Government's proposed National Identity Scheme.

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