About Cambridge Algorithmica

About Cambridge Algorithmica

Cambridge Algorithmica is the personal trading company of Nigel Sedgwick, a technical specialist in Pattern Matching and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).  The Company was founded in 1988, and is wholly owned by Nigel and his immediate family.  It is strictly independent of any external interests.

The first part of the name of the Company: Cambridge, comes from the Company having been founded when Nigel lived in Thriplow near Cambridge.  He's a graduate of Imperial College (BSc ARCS in Physics) and of Brunel University (MTech in Computer Science) .

The second part of the name of the Company:  Algorithmica, comes from the word algorithm a logical arithmetic or computational procedure that, if correctly applied, ensures the solution of a problem. [Collins English Dictionary, 2003]

The key strength of the Company is algorithms, nowadays almost always implemented in software.  If your solution depends on algorithms, buy here.  You will get good algorithms, be they new or old.  You might get the best algorithms: the absolute best (known as optimal), or (using heuristics) the best for you, and best for the amount of computing power and elapsed time you (and your customers) have available.

So, the Company is about algorithms.  On top of that, the Company is about usefulness.  It provides:

experience (35+ years)
an eye for client business needs
where required, using:
in-house powerful computers
currently favouring: Python and C++
specialist software libraries/utilities
and undertakes:
technical/techno-business consultancy
requirements analysis
systems and software development
performance evaluation
tuning and performance enhancement
scientific research

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